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September 13, 2006

Jimbo's Top 25 - Week 2

1Ohio State2-0W at Texas, 24-77
2Auburn2-0W at Miss St, 34-04
3Notre Dame2-0W vs. Penn St, 41-175
4Southern Cal1-0idle2
5Florida2-0W vs. UCF, 42-011
6LSU2-0W vs. Arizona, 45-310
7West Virginia2-0W vs. E Wash, 52-38
8Georgia2-0W at S Car, 18-013
9Louisville2-0W at Temple, 62-09
10Virginia Tech2-0W at UNC, 35-1019
11Oregon2-0W at Fresno St, 31-2421
12Texas1-1L vs. Ohio St, 7-246
13Tennessee2-0W vs. Air Force, 31-303
14Florida State2-0W vs. Troy, 24-171
15Michigan2-0W vs. C Mich, 41-1716
16Boston College2-0W vs. Clemson, 34-33 (OT)NR
17Nebraska2-0W vs. Nicholls St, 56-714
18Iowa2-0W at Syracuse, 20-13 (OT)17
19Miami1-1W vs. Florida A&M, 51-1015
20Georgia Tech1-1W vs. Samford, 38-623
21Boise State2-0W vs. Oregon St, 42-14NR
22TCU2-0W vs. UC-Davis, 46-13NR
23California1-1W vs. Minnesota, 42-1725
24Texas Tech2-0W at UTEP, 38-35 (OT)20
25UCLA2-0W vs. Rice, 26-1622

Dropped from rankings: Clemson (12), Penn State (18), South Carolina (24)

September 05, 2006

Jimbo's Top 25 - Week 1

My Top 25 after Week 1 may look a little unorthodox, but what I've done is rewarded teams who have actually proved something so far this season. In my opinion, Florida State's 13-10 win at Miami is a heck of a lot more impressive than Texas' 56-7 win at home against North Texas. Wins at home against inferior opponents, especially against Division I-AA schools, don't impress me much. I like seeing wins against solid teams, especially wins on the road in tough environments. Notre Dame won on the road in a tough environment against Georgia Tech but it was a sloppy win, so I knocked them down from #1 to #5. Florida State and Southern Cal both won on the road. Tennessee won at home vs. California against the odds and a lot of adversity.

1Florida State1-0W at Miami, 13-1017
2Southern Cal1-0W at Ark, 50-149
3Tennessee1-0W vs. Cal, 35-18NR
4Auburn1-0W vs. Wash St, 40-142
5Notre Dame1-0W at GA Tech, 14-101
6Texas1-0W vs. N Texas, 56-73
7Ohio State1-0W vs. N Ill, 35-125
8West Virginia1-0W vs. Marhall, 42-108
9Louisville1-0W vs. Kentucky, 59-287
10LSU1-0W vs. LA-Laf, 45-34
11Florida1-0W vs. S Miss, 34-715
12Clemson1-0W vs. FL Atlantic, 54-611
13Georgia1-0W vs. W Kentucky, 48-1213
14Nebraska1-0W vs. LA Tech, 49-1016
15Miami0-1L vs. FSU, 10-1310
16Michigan1-0W vs. Vandy, 27-712
17Iowa1-0W vs. Montana, 41-714
18Penn State1-0W vs. Akron, 34-1619
19Virginia Tech1-0W vs. Northeastern, 38-020
20Texas Tech1-0W vs. SMU, 35-322
21Oregon1-0W vs. Stanford, 48-10NR
22UCLA1-0W vs. Utah, 31-10NR
23Georgia Tech0-1L vs. ND, 10-1418
24South Carolina1-0W vs. Miss St, 15-0NR
25California0-1L at Tenn, 18-355

Dropped from rankings: Boise State (21), Arkansas (23), Fresno State (24), Arizona (25)

August 31, 2006

Jimbo's Preseason Top 25

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Auburn
  3. Texas
  4. LSU
  5. Ohio State
  6. California
  7. Louisville
  8. West Virginia
  9. Southern Cal
  10. Miami
  11. Clemson
  12. Michigan
  13. Georgia
  14. Iowa
  15. Florida
  16. Nebraska
  17. Florida State
  18. Georgia Tech
  19. Penn State
  20. Virginia Tech
  21. Boise State
  22. Texas Tech
  23. Arkansas
  24. Fresno State
  25. Arizona

November 29, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 14

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Penn State
4. LSU
5. Oregon
6. Notre Dame
7. Ohio State
8. Auburn
9. Virginia Tech
10. Georgia
11. Miami
12. Alabama
13. UCLA
14. West Virginia
15. TCU

November 27, 2005

Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 14

The 2005-06 bowl picture is starting to clear up. Southern Cal, Penn State, and West Virginia have all clinched BCS berths. Notre Dame is a near lock as well. Texas vs. Colorado, Virginia Tech vs. Florida State, and LSU vs. Georgia will produce three more BCS teams. Spot number eight will come down to Ohio State or Oregon, both of whose regular seasons are over. In short, the BCS will be riddled in controversy once more.

1. Southern Cal (11-0) - The UCLA Bruins will have lots of fans this weekend in places like Baton Rouge, State College ... well I'm sure lots of other places, too.
2. Texas (11-0) - Anybody who watched the Nebraska-Colorado game this weekend should be rooting for a Texas blowout in the Big XII championship game. Just in case anyone forgot, the Colorado faithful reminded everyone what thugs they are.
3. LSU (10-1) - Can a weekend go by without LSU almost losing? Okay, besides that Tennessee thing.
4. Penn State (10-1) - The Big Ten champions await assignment.
5. Notre Dame (9-2) - Notre Dame's special teams were terrible on Saturday, and Brady Quinn threw two senseless interceptions. However, the Irish offensive juggernaut rolled once again, this time right into the BCS.
6. Auburn (9-2) - It's too bad Auburn can't play Oregon in a pseudo-BCS game. No matter what system you come up with, some teams will have legitimate gripes.
7. Virginia Tech (10-1) - The Hokies need only beat Florida State to win the ACC for the second consecutive year. And why not? Everybody else has been beating the Seminoles.
8. Ohio State (9-2) - The Buckeyes deserve a BCS bid, but their fans don't. There should be a rule. If your fans make the news for defecating in a cooler, you don't get a BCS bid.
9. Miami-FL (9-2) - Between the way Larry Coker is talking and the Hurricanes are playing, you get the impression this team doesn't really care anymore.
10. UCLA (9-1) - A win over the hated Trojans would make this a magical season for the Bruins, even if the BCS snubs them.

11. Oregon (10-1)
12. Georgia (9-2)
13. TCU (10-1)
14. Texas Tech (10-1)
15. Florida (8-3)
16. West Virginia (9-1)
17. Louisville (8-2)
18. Wisconsin (9-3)
19. Alabama (9-2)
20. Central Florida (8-3)
21. Clemson (7-4)
22. Boston College (8-3)
23. Michigan (7-4)
24. Fresno State (8-3)
25. Georgia Tech (7-4)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Penn State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia

November 24, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 13

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Penn State
4. LSU
5. Oregon
6. Notre Dame
7. Ohio State
8. Auburn
9. Virginia Tech
10. Fresno State
11. Georgia
12. Miami
13. Alabama
14. UCLA
15. West Virginia

November 19, 2005

Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 13

Wow. Georgia Tech shook the walls. With the Yellow Jackets' upset victory over the Hurricanes, things get much more interesting in the BCS picture. Virginia Tech has the inside track to face Florida State in the ACC championship game. Let's assume they defeat the Seminoles. Then there's the SEC title game. Let's assume LSU defeats Georgia in that game. Then, the at-large picture comes down to a few eligible bachelors: Notre Dame, Auburn, Ohio State, Miami, UCLA and Oregon. Of this list, Oregon is the only one-loss team. If Oregon's name were "Ohio State," that would make them a shoe-in for a BCS bid. However, the Ducks don't have much drawing power, and it is likely they will be passed over for some two-loss teams. My hunch right now is that the Buckeyes and the Irish will be the at-large selections.

Southern Cal and Texas are on a collision course for Pasadena. Since the Pac-10 hosts the Rose Bowl anyway, the Trojans' appearance in the national championship game warrants no compensatory pick. However, the Fiesta Bowl is hosted by the Big XII champion, which figures to be Texas. Therefore, the Fiesta Bowl will choose first, and will likely pick Notre Dame. The second pick would fall to the Orange Bowl, which is hosted by the ACC champion (projected to be Virginia Tech). My guess is that Ohio State will prove more attractive than Penn State, which goes against just about everyone else's opinion. I'm also factoring in that the Buckeyes have been to the Fiesta Bowl twice in the past three years (2003 victory over Miami-FL, 2004 victory over Kansas State), and the BCS has the right to rearrange things in the interests of college football. The Fiesta Bowl has the third pick, and will make the obvious choice of Penn State over the Big East champion (projected to be West Virginia). That leaves the Sugar Bowl with the dud.

1. Southern Cal (11-0) - Despite a sizeable scare from Fresno State, the Trojans remain atop this list. Texas had the same type of hiccup against Oklahoma State not long ago. When you win seven million games in a row, some of them will be ugly.
2. Texas (10-0) - The only way Texas loses is if it starts looking ahead to Pasadena. The Aggies and whatever joke the North produces will be pumped up to take on Bevo and company, but the Longhorns should roll.
3. LSU (9-1) - How LSU lost to Tennessee we may never know.
4. Notre Dame (8-2) - The Irish better not overlook Stanford. That would be a $15 million mistake.
5. Penn State (10-1) - The 3-5 rankings were almost a toss-up for me. Penn State is solid, and like LSU and Notre Dame easily could be undefeated. Regardless of ranking, the Nittany Lions are Big Ten champions and headed to Tempe or Miami for the holidays.
6. Auburn (9-2) - The Tigers exposed the Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl. I hope nobody was shocked.
7. Virginia Tech (9-1) - The pain of being humiliated by Miami is wearing off quickly in Blacksburg. The team the ACC didn't want will get a chance to defend its conference title.
8. Ohio State (9-2) - It took a little bit of magic, but Jim Tressel improved to 4-1 against his hated foe to the north.
9. Miami-FL (8-2) - No matter what position I take on the Hurricanes I wind up being wrong. This time The Seventh Floor crew was on the receiving end of .... it's better if I don't finish that thought.
10. UCLA (9-1) - Karl Dorrell and company will be reviewing tape from the Fresno State game to find insight into how to dethrone the champions. With a share of the Pac-10 title (tie-breakers aside) on the line, the battle for the Victory Bell should be even more interesting than usual.

11. Oregon (10-1)
12. Fresno State (8-2)
13. Georgia (8-2)
14. TCU (10-1)
15. Texas Tech (9-2)
16. West Virginia (8-1)
17. Louisville (7-2)
18. Georgia Tech (7-3)
19. Wisconsin (8-3)
20. Florida State (7-3)
21. Florida (7-3)
22. Alabama (9-2)
23. Iowa State (7-3)
24. Central Florida (8-3)
25. Clemson (7-4)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Penn State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia

November 16, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 12

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Miami
4. Penn State
5. LSU
6. Notre Dame
7. Oregon
8. Virginia Tech
9. Alabama
10. Auburn
11. Ohio State
12. Fresno State
13. Georgia
14. UCLA
15. West Virginia

November 14, 2005

Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 12

1. Southern Cal (10-0) - The road to the Rose Bowl isn't quite clear yet for the two-time defending champions. Fresno State and UCLA both bring legitimate upset bids into the Coliseum. And both the Bulldogs and Bruins will lose.
2. Texas (10-0) - I know that Texas vs. Texas A&M is a big rivalry game. But unless Bear Bryant rises from the dead, the Longhorns should plan on returning to Pasadena.
3. Miami-FL (8-1) - The Hurricanes should have no trouble reaching the ACC title game, where they'll face the Seminoles for what seems like the 80th time in the last two years.
4. LSU (8-1) - So long as the Tigers don't let their guard down, they should be headed toward a showdown with Georgia for the SEC title. I've been picking this team to win the conference all along.
5. Notre Dame (7-2) - The Irish are sleepwalking their way to the Fiesta Bowl. Notre Dame owes Syracuse some payback, and this one should get ugly pretty quickly.
6. Penn State (9-1) - If the Nittany Lions don't win the Big Ten, they'll have no one to blame but themselves. Michigan State is not exactly a powerhouse.
7. Virginia Tech (8-1) - If the Hokies win out (@ UVA, vs. UNC), they'll get the Nebraska treatment from the BCS system. It's nice to duck the conference championship game.
8. Ohio State (8-2) - The Buckeyes are better than the Wolverines. And that's exactly why Michigan will beat them. This rivalry just seems to work that way.
9. Auburn (8-2) - The Tigers really aren't that far off of being unbeaten. But unless LSU loses before the SEC championship game, they won't have the opportunity to defend their SEC title.
10. Alabama (9-1) - I promised you that LSU would beat the Tide. Now that they're no longer undefeated, I don't have to feel guilty about ranking this team where I think it belongs.

11. UCLA (9-1)
12. Oregon (9-1)
13. Fresno State (8-1)
14. Georgia (7-2)
15. TCU (10-1)
16. West Virginia (8-1)
17. UTEP (8-1)
18. Louisville (7-2)
19. South Carolina (7-3)
20. Texas Tech (8-2)
21. Oklahoma (6-3)
22. Michigan (7-3)
23. Wisconsin (8-3)
24. Florida State (7-3)
25. Florida (7-3)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech
Orange Bowl: Miami-FL vs. Penn State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia

November 09, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 11

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Miami
5. Penn State
6. LSU
7. Notre Dame
8. Oregon
9. Virginia Tech
10. Florida
11. Georgia
12. Ohio State
13. Auburn
14. Texas Tech
15. Fresno State

November 05, 2005

Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 11

1. Southern Cal (9-0) - I'm writing this before the Trojans' latest conquest has ended, but I've seen enough of this team to predict the outcome. UCLA may give the Trojans a hard time based on civic pride, but I can't honestly see this team losing in the regular season.
2. Texas (9-0) - The Longhorns bounced back nicely after last week's struggles against Oklahoma State, and made me look a little foolish in the process. Go Bevo!
3. Alabama (9-0) - The Crimson Tide are undefeated. I'll drop them once they inevitably lose.
4. Miami-FL (7-1) - I was way off on Miami. The 'Canes made the Hokies look very ordinary.
5. LSU (7-1) - The Tigers are still my choice to win the SEC. Look for them to knock off Alabama.
6. Notre Dame (6-2) - Some people find it hard to put a two-loss team up this high. On the other hand, this team is two plays away from being undefeated and the number two ranking.
7. Penn State (9-1) - The Nittany Lions smoked Wisconsin. Penn State controls its own destiny in the Big Ten, with only Michigan State to go.
8. Virginia Tech (8-1) - So much for the Hokies' national title run. A BCS bowl berth is still possible, but one more slip-up and this team might not even play on New Year's Day.
9. Georgia (7-1) - Like I said last week, if Shockley hadn't gone down, this team would be undefeated.
10. Ohio State (7-2) - The Buckeyes need help from the Spartans if they hope to win the Big Ten. Of course, they have to beat the Wolverines, too.

11. Oregon (8-1)
12. Auburn (7-2)
13. UCLA (8-1)
14. West Virginia (7-1)
15. Texas Tech (8-1)
16. Florida State (6-2)
17. Wisconsin (8-2)
18. Florida (7-2)
19. TCU (8-1)
20. Fresno State (7-1)
21. Colorado (7-2)
22. Boise State (7-2)
23. Georgia Tech (6-2)
24. Louisville (6-2)
25. UTEP (7-1)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech
Orange Bowl: Miami-FL vs. Penn State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia

November 01, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 10

Gerry really showed me up with his top 25, complete with commentary for the top ten teams. All I can muster is my weekly top 15:

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Virginia Tech
4. Alabama
6. Miami
7. Penn State
8. Florida State
9. Notre Dame
10. LSU
11. Florida
12. Georgia
13. Wisconsin
14. Oregon
15. Ohio State

October 30, 2005

Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 10

Things are heating up in college football. Georgia is undefeated no longer, and Texas and UCLA survived scares. Bowl season is fast approaching. Here's how I see the nation's elite after nine weeks:

1. Southern Cal (8-0) - The Trojans have had some subpar halves over the past few games, but they own the nation's longest winning streak and a couple of AP titles for a reason. When the two-time defending champ is undefeated, it's just silly to label anyone else number one.
2. Virginia Tech (8-0) - The Hokies are still a significant step down from the number one squad, but Frank Beamer's crew continues to reel off uninteresting, labor-free victories. That's a compliment.
3. Texas (8-0) - There was a point this year that I thought the Longhorns were as good as the Trojans, but I got over it. It's impossible to predict how they'd fare against Southern Cal if the two face each other in January, but Texas has been too sloppy recently to deserve the number two slot.
4. Alabama (8-0) - I don't expect the Crimson Tide to remain here. Either LSU or Auburn will end their undefeated run. However, it hasn't happened yet, and 'Bama is undefeated right now, so I'll give them their due credit.
5. UCLA (8-0) - Here's another undefeated team that has been unimpressive lately. UCLA has a reputation for playing down to its opponent's level, and this year's version of the Bruins are fitting the bill.
6. LSU (6-1) - The Tigers keep finding ways to win. That's the optimisitc way to look at it. Perhaps the better way to look at it is that they keep finding ways to almost lose. In any case, they're one play from being undefeated, even if they have been very sloppy about it.
7. Notre Dame (5-2) - The Irish keep getting better, and they are the one team in America that has outplayed the champions for 60 minutes. This team is probably better than the three I've ranked directly in front of them, and by season's end will be ranked in the top five.
8. Georgia (7-1) - It's tough to lose your starting quarterback right before a matchup with your fiercest rivals. If Shockley had been able to suit up on Saturday, this team would still be unbeaten.
9. Penn State (8-1) - JoePa's got the inside track to the Big Ten title. If he can lead the Lions to victory against Wisconsin, he'll all but have a BCS invitation.
10. Ohio State (6-2) - The Buckeyes should have beaten Texas and Penn State. This offense needs to be more aggressive. Overall, the Buckeyes are a solid football team.

11. Florida State (6-1)
12. Miami-FL (6-1)
13. Wisconsin (8-1)
14. Oregon (7-1)
15. Florida (6-2)
16. Auburn (6-2)
17. West Virginia (6-1)
18. Texas Tech (7-1)
19. TCU (8-1)
20. Boston College (6-2)
21. Fresno State (6-1)
22. Colorado (6-2)
23. California (6-2)
24. Boise State (6-2)
25. Georgia Tech (5-2)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. UCLA
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Penn State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia

Explanation of BCS Selection Criteria

October 24, 2005

Texas Leapfrogs USC in BCS Rankings

A week and a half ago, everyone was worried that Texas might actually slip to #3 in the BCS rankings. Well this week, the Longhorns are the #1 team in the land according to the Bowl Championship Series ranking formula. (Hey, this isn't exactly the US News & World Report Rankings, so let's not get too jumpy here.) They can thank a few human pollsters who switched their #1 votes from USC to Texas over the weekend (although in my opinion beating Texas Tech 52-17 at home isn't too much more impressive than beating Washington 51-24 on the road). Also to be thanked are the computer rankings; five of the six computer rankings put Texas at #1 and the other at #2, while USC received only one top ranking, three #2 rankings, one #4 ranking, and one #5 ranking. Below are the computer rankings for the top ten teams:

Rank Team A&H RB CM KM JS PW
1 Texas 1 1 1 1 2 1
2 USC 2 2 5 4 1 2
3 Virginia Tech 3 4 4 3 3 3
4 Georgia 5 3 3 5 5 5
5 Alabama 4 8 2 2 4 4
6 UCLA 6 7 7 7 9 9
7 Miami 11 10 15 12 12 12
8 LSU 9 6 10 9 13 13
9 Penn State 7 11 6 6 6 6
10 Florida State 16 15 16 19 14 15

A&H - Anderson & Hester; RB - Richard Billingsley; CM - Colley Matrix; KM - Kenneth Massey; JS - Jeff Sagarin; PW - Peter Wolfe

But who really cares? Texas fans, celebrate now if you want, but realize that it's not even November yet! There's still a ton of college football left to be played. The big problem for the Longhorns is that they've played their toughest opponents already, while USC's and Virginia Tech's are still coming up. That could spell trouble in Austin if all three teams were to win out; Texas might be on the outside looking in.

Anyway, still plenty of ball to be played. The likelihood of the season ending with more than two undefeated teams, in my opinion, is very slim. Let me emphasize that point: there will not be more than two undefeated teams after December 3. I do think that Texas will get to that perfect mark. (A&M may be the only team that can challenge them, and I say this only because it will be a heated rivalry game.) I think the other five unbeatens have very tough roads still and most of them will not make it out unscathed. Just who among them will get there? I'm not going to go out on that limb just yet. Maybe next week.

October 23, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 9

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Virginia Tech
4. Alabama
6. Georgia
7. Miami
8. Penn State
9. Florida State
10. Notre Dame
11. Oregon
12. Wisconsin
13. LSU
14. Boston College
15. West Virginia

October 18, 2005

Jimbo's Top 15 - Week 8

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Virginia Tech
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
7. Texas Tech
8. Miami
9. Penn State
10. Oregon
11. Florida State
12. Notre Dame
13. Wisconsin
14. Boston College
15. West Virginia

September 07, 2005

Looking at the Polls

In my opinion, it's still far too early for there to be college football polls. It's nearly impossible to gauge a team's ability after only one week. That said, you would think that pollsters would look at a team's performance in its first game to determine its ranking. Apparently, this is not the case, as Oklahoma (18th AP, 16th Coaches') still rank ahead of TCU (22nd AP, unranked Coaches'), who defeated the Sooners 17-10 in Norman on Saturday. I wasn't surprised to see that the Sooners were still ranked ahead of the Horned Frogs. We see something like this happen every year.

But answer me this: what did pollsters see in that 17-10 TCU victory that convinced them that Oklahoma must still be a better team than TCU? And if not the actual games themselves, on what exactly are pollsters basing their rankings? The school's name? Preseason hype? I simply cannot comprehend how a 1-0 TCU team with a win at Oklahoma can be ranked behind an 0-1 Oklahoma team with a loss at home to TCU. That, in my mind, is the only thing we have to judge how good these two teams are.

Now when this season grows a few weeks older, perhaps Oklahoma will rebound to a 4-1 record and TCU might a lose a few here and there. At that point, I do not mind ranking Oklahoma ahead of TCU. Yeah, maybe that first game was just a fluke. But we don't know that! All we know is that TCU beat Oklahoma. But by the very act of this week's polling, sports writers and coaches alike are already assuming that this is a fluke. And that is just wrong.