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Jimbo's Top 25 - Week 1

My Top 25 after Week 1 may look a little unorthodox, but what I've done is rewarded teams who have actually proved something so far this season. In my opinion, Florida State's 13-10 win at Miami is a heck of a lot more impressive than Texas' 56-7 win at home against North Texas. Wins at home against inferior opponents, especially against Division I-AA schools, don't impress me much. I like seeing wins against solid teams, especially wins on the road in tough environments. Notre Dame won on the road in a tough environment against Georgia Tech but it was a sloppy win, so I knocked them down from #1 to #5. Florida State and Southern Cal both won on the road. Tennessee won at home vs. California against the odds and a lot of adversity.

1Florida State1-0W at Miami, 13-1017
2Southern Cal1-0W at Ark, 50-149
3Tennessee1-0W vs. Cal, 35-18NR
4Auburn1-0W vs. Wash St, 40-142
5Notre Dame1-0W at GA Tech, 14-101
6Texas1-0W vs. N Texas, 56-73
7Ohio State1-0W vs. N Ill, 35-125
8West Virginia1-0W vs. Marhall, 42-108
9Louisville1-0W vs. Kentucky, 59-287
10LSU1-0W vs. LA-Laf, 45-34
11Florida1-0W vs. S Miss, 34-715
12Clemson1-0W vs. FL Atlantic, 54-611
13Georgia1-0W vs. W Kentucky, 48-1213
14Nebraska1-0W vs. LA Tech, 49-1016
15Miami0-1L vs. FSU, 10-1310
16Michigan1-0W vs. Vandy, 27-712
17Iowa1-0W vs. Montana, 41-714
18Penn State1-0W vs. Akron, 34-1619
19Virginia Tech1-0W vs. Northeastern, 38-020
20Texas Tech1-0W vs. SMU, 35-322
21Oregon1-0W vs. Stanford, 48-10NR
22UCLA1-0W vs. Utah, 31-10NR
23Georgia Tech0-1L vs. ND, 10-1418
24South Carolina1-0W vs. Miss St, 15-0NR
25California0-1L at Tenn, 18-355

Dropped from rankings: Boise State (21), Arkansas (23), Fresno State (24), Arizona (25)

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