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July 27, 2006

New Web Sites

Sorry if this is nothing more than a shameless plug. Although I do think you diehard Notre Dame fans may find it useful. My senior year roommate Andy Hagans and I are currently developing DomeWire, a new Web site that every morning automatically aggregates news headlines from the previous 24 hours from a select list of Notre Dame football news sources and blogs. Basically, it lets you see every Notre Dame related headline all on one page. There are limitations to it for now, however, as it only works with Web sites who offer RSS feeds, and there are still a lot of newspapers out there whose Web sites do not offer this functionality. But we anticipate that by 2007 or 2008, almost everyone will be offering this. And since Andy is a big Cleveland Browns fan, we're also developing DawgWire. I'd be curious to learn what you all think of this idea. Feel free to post comments here.

July 18, 2006

NCAA Football '07

It's finally here. NCAA Football '07. For almost as long as I can remember, it's been a personal tradition of mine to run down to the video game store first thing in the morning the day this game comes out every year. This year was no different. Although, I was a bit put off by Trojan Reggie Bush being on the cover this year, as I was when Carson Palmer graced the cover of NCAA Football 2003. But I was able to quickly remedy this unfortunate occurrence. Now don't get me wrong. I respect Reggie Bush as the greatest player that college football has seen in some time. But, I do hate the Trojans, so this I just couldn't resist.

Reggie Bush BBQ

Reggie Bush on fire

Okay, time to call in the reinforcements.
Lighter fluid

There we go.
Big fire

Reggie Bush gets burned

Anyway, the game itself looks damned cool. Well, really it's pretty much the same as NCAA Football 2006, except that there is now a much more noticeable home field advantage and some of the gameplay and animation seems a bit smoother than in past years. Still, I don't like how Brad Nessler says, "And here comes the Fighting Irish," when Notre Dame takes the field. I also wish I could set the kickoff times for games within the dynasty mode.