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Retrospective National Championship Project

On Monday, March 13, 2006, College Football Blog will launch its Retrospective National Championship Project, the aim of which is to retroactively award one national championship for each of the 136 college football seasons from 1869-2005. (Note that there was no football played in 1871.) In addition to naming one single national champion for each season, we will also take a brief look at each of our championship picks and describe why we felt that they were worthy of the title for that particular season.

Each Monday for the next 25 weeks of off-season boredom, we will release five years' worth of picks. To kickoff the project, we will actually be releasing 10 picks on each of the first two Mondays. Monday, March 13 will feature 1869-1879. Monday, March 20 will feature 1880-1889. On the final Monday of the project, August 28, we will release our picks for 2000-2004. Finally on Wednesday, August 30, we will take a look back on the 2005 season.

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