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Gerry's Top 25 and BCS Projections: Week 12

1. Southern Cal (10-0) - The road to the Rose Bowl isn't quite clear yet for the two-time defending champions. Fresno State and UCLA both bring legitimate upset bids into the Coliseum. And both the Bulldogs and Bruins will lose.
2. Texas (10-0) - I know that Texas vs. Texas A&M is a big rivalry game. But unless Bear Bryant rises from the dead, the Longhorns should plan on returning to Pasadena.
3. Miami-FL (8-1) - The Hurricanes should have no trouble reaching the ACC title game, where they'll face the Seminoles for what seems like the 80th time in the last two years.
4. LSU (8-1) - So long as the Tigers don't let their guard down, they should be headed toward a showdown with Georgia for the SEC title. I've been picking this team to win the conference all along.
5. Notre Dame (7-2) - The Irish are sleepwalking their way to the Fiesta Bowl. Notre Dame owes Syracuse some payback, and this one should get ugly pretty quickly.
6. Penn State (9-1) - If the Nittany Lions don't win the Big Ten, they'll have no one to blame but themselves. Michigan State is not exactly a powerhouse.
7. Virginia Tech (8-1) - If the Hokies win out (@ UVA, vs. UNC), they'll get the Nebraska treatment from the BCS system. It's nice to duck the conference championship game.
8. Ohio State (8-2) - The Buckeyes are better than the Wolverines. And that's exactly why Michigan will beat them. This rivalry just seems to work that way.
9. Auburn (8-2) - The Tigers really aren't that far off of being unbeaten. But unless LSU loses before the SEC championship game, they won't have the opportunity to defend their SEC title.
10. Alabama (9-1) - I promised you that LSU would beat the Tide. Now that they're no longer undefeated, I don't have to feel guilty about ranking this team where I think it belongs.

11. UCLA (9-1)
12. Oregon (9-1)
13. Fresno State (8-1)
14. Georgia (7-2)
15. TCU (10-1)
16. West Virginia (8-1)
17. UTEP (8-1)
18. Louisville (7-2)
19. South Carolina (7-3)
20. Texas Tech (8-2)
21. Oklahoma (6-3)
22. Michigan (7-3)
23. Wisconsin (8-3)
24. Florida State (7-3)
25. Florida (7-3)

BCS Projections
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Texas
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech
Orange Bowl: Miami-FL vs. Penn State
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. West Virginia


Shut up if you think you know the OSU Michigan score...you were wrong...big time...doofus

It wouldn't be a college football blog officially without having at least one comment from an angry Buckeyes fan.

Thanks for christening the blog!

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