September 23, 2006

My Week for Game 4: Notre Dame at Michigan State

Destination: East Lansing, Michigan.

Spartan Stadium

My pick: Notre Dame 33 - Michigan State 28

In today's other "big" game, Penn State-Ohio State, I'm picking the Bucks 42-3.

September 15, 2006

Fowler on GameDay's Location Decision for This Week

Chris Fowler in his column today touched on ESPN's decision to send College GameDay to Los Angeles, when clearly there are better games in Auburn and Notre Dame on Saturday. It seems he is just as disappointed in the decision as I am:

For 13 seasons, the locations of the GameDay road shows have been editorial decisions based on the college football landscape. The basic principle was to (almost) always come from the site of the "biggest game," or occasionally, "the best story."...

Now, the philosophy has been rethought by upper management. For the first time, the competitive landscape of football programming is a frequent consideration. Serving the needs of ABC's new prime-time package of games is often a priority. The decision on GameDay's site is less a clear-cut "best game" philosophy now and is more complicated, made on a landscape where terms like "synergy" and "branding" live.

Please know this: Lee, Kirk and I have no say in decisions on GameDay's location. But as host of the show for 17 years, I am mainly concerned with the show's specific legacy, not the global college football landscape.

Let's hope that ESPN can get it right in the future. It reflects poorly on ESPN to only showcase ABC's games. Hey, I know there's a game on ABC on Saturday night. You don't need to hold a two-hour-long show at the game's site to inform me. Go to the site of the best game!

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My Game for Week 3: Michigan at Notre Dame

Michigan at Notre Dame in 2002

I'm heading to South Bend in less than an hour for the Michigan-Notre Dame matchup tomorrow. Should be an interesting game, as it will most likely be the stiffest test for each team until their final games of the season. (Michigan closes at Ohio State and Notre Dame closes at USC.)

My pick: Notre Dame 21 - Michigan 20.

Showdown Saturday

Tomorrow is Showdown Saturday. There are seven games that feature AP Top 25 teams going head-to-head. Teams from seven conferences plus Notre Dame will take part in those games. For some odd reason (or perhaps because it's the best game on ABC tomorrow), ESPN College GameDay is headed to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the Nebraska-USC showdown, even though it was voted as the 3rd most popular game this week in an ESPN user poll. I suppose they didn't want to hype a game on CBS (LSU-Auburn) or NBC (Michigan-Notre Dame). It's a shame that they can't go to a better game though. Anyway, here are the games with my score picks (with rankings in parentheses):

(2) Notre Dame 21 - (11) Michigan 20
(3) Auburn 15 - (6) LSU 9
(12) Louisville 27 - (17) Miami 24
(18) Oregon 31 - (15) Oklahoma 17
(20) TCU 38 - (24) Texas Tech 31
(4) USC 42 - (19) Nebraska 21
(7) Florida 20 - (13) Tennessee 14

September 13, 2006

Jimbo's Top 25 - Week 2

1Ohio State2-0W at Texas, 24-77
2Auburn2-0W at Miss St, 34-04
3Notre Dame2-0W vs. Penn St, 41-175
4Southern Cal1-0idle2
5Florida2-0W vs. UCF, 42-011
6LSU2-0W vs. Arizona, 45-310
7West Virginia2-0W vs. E Wash, 52-38
8Georgia2-0W at S Car, 18-013
9Louisville2-0W at Temple, 62-09
10Virginia Tech2-0W at UNC, 35-1019
11Oregon2-0W at Fresno St, 31-2421
12Texas1-1L vs. Ohio St, 7-246
13Tennessee2-0W vs. Air Force, 31-303
14Florida State2-0W vs. Troy, 24-171
15Michigan2-0W vs. C Mich, 41-1716
16Boston College2-0W vs. Clemson, 34-33 (OT)NR
17Nebraska2-0W vs. Nicholls St, 56-714
18Iowa2-0W at Syracuse, 20-13 (OT)17
19Miami1-1W vs. Florida A&M, 51-1015
20Georgia Tech1-1W vs. Samford, 38-623
21Boise State2-0W vs. Oregon St, 42-14NR
22TCU2-0W vs. UC-Davis, 46-13NR
23California1-1W vs. Minnesota, 42-1725
24Texas Tech2-0W at UTEP, 38-35 (OT)20
25UCLA2-0W vs. Rice, 26-1622

Dropped from rankings: Clemson (12), Penn State (18), South Carolina (24)